Light up Your House with Badkamer LED Inbouwspots, to Slash Your Electric Bill


As Badkamer LED Inbouwspots evolve and become better designed and prolific in residential and commercial markets around the world, the rewards will eclipse all the other lighting technologies that have been presented previously. Although it is not yet the majority, it is very important to know the numerous advantages of its use when making the change of incandescent, halogen, CFL lighting. Some of the main advantages of include:

Badkamer LED Inbouwspots Are Super Energy Efficient

Unlike incandescent bulbs that waste more than 80% of the electric current by heating the metal filaments to a temperature high enough to generate light, LED lights to produce virtually no heat and use a fraction of the energy needed to produce an equivalent light. Once it comes to energy efficiency, no other lighting technology is compared, which makes it just easy to choose.

The Badkamer LED Inbouwspots Will save You Charges from the Electric Bill

As Badkamer LED Inbouwspots are very efficient, you can factually save as much as 90% on your electric lighting bills! In most households, more than 25% of the total electricity bill is used for lighting. Therefore, if you now spend R500 per month on electricity and upgrade most of your LED lighting, you can save approximately R100 per month. For businesses, this is much more important and in some cases when lighting bills are too high, the switch to LED-based lighting investment is a commercial necessity as energy becomes increasingly expensive throughout the world.

Badkamer LED Inbouwspots Effectively Reduces Any Maintenance Need

You cannot call in exchange for an LED bulb every ten year maintenance; but if you use lights of short duration in an environment where you have them, there is an element of time and cost associated with maintenance that is too often needlessly high. The resources of a company require spending time and the company buys, brings and replaces the lights while getting rid of the defective units, which in a few cases is not so simple if you need to recycle responsibly the lights that contain dangerous chemical substances such as mercury. If time is money for your business, then investing in Badkamer LED Inbouwspots will allow you to reduce these costs to an insignificant factor.

Badkamer LED Inbouwspots Enjoy Long-Term Operational Use

Fact – there is no other lighting technology that has a remotely close life. Compared to incandescent (usually 1,000 hours) or fluorescent (maximum 15,000 hours), LED favorit products are to come out clearly at the top, successfully operating for more than 50,000 hours of continuous use. This amounts to just under 6 years of use if you don’t ever turn them off!

The Badkamer LED Inbouwspots Are 100% Green, Clean and Safe

Unlike most other lighting alternatives, Badkamer LED Inbouwspots do not contain mercury or any other hazardous or chemical material. Mercury is a dangerous substance, one that you do not want to be released into your home for your kids to inhale should it break. In addition, because they are 100% ecological and friendly to the environment, they pose no problem when they have finished their course and should be discarded. Last but not least, the LEDs emit zero Ultraviolet radiation unlike incandescent, halogen or CFL lamps.

Though making the switch to Badkamer LED Inbouwspots needs an investment, the short and long-term benefits prepare a lot of sense both economically and environmentally as we mature in the era of using our resources and energy responsibly and efficiently, see where to get ledinbouwspotsleds: .

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