Buying Inbouwspots: Get the Best LED SPOTS ONLINE

LED spotlights have a more desirable benefit when compared to other lights. They combine proven product quality with innovative technology for greater efficiency. Below are some of the other features that make them to standout.

They Last Long

LED spotlights also have a longer rated life on average they will last over 20 years. They can last up to 80,000 hours, so they would not be replaced so soon. LEDs do not burn out the same way that other bulbs do, when they reach something called L 70 which means they are producing 70 percent of their original output, they are said to be at the end of their life. On average, when we compare LED bulbs with CFLs for every five CFLs only one LED will be thrown away. Thus, we can safely say that LED bulbs help in the reduction of the amount of waste and pollution on earth.

They are Energy Efficient

LED spotlights only use between six and eight watts for a 60-watt incandescent equivalent and fluorescents typically use 13 to 18 watts so that means that LEDs use about half the energy as CFLs. If every household in the USA switched one bulb to an LED it would be like taking 800,000 cars off the road or like planting 400 million trees and the energy saved could light up 3 million homes for a whole year.

They are Reasonably Priced

The cheapest LEDs are about four dollars each and the cheapest CFLs are about two dollars each now you have got to consider those are the bottom of the barrel cheapos so if you are going to be looking for something with a decent lifespan that actually gets the full 25,000 hours go with the LED bulbs. LED bulbs cost about three times more but they last three times as long so only considering that in the long run they’ll be the same price but if you consider the fact that they use half the energy really LED bulbs are going to be cheaper in the long run

They are Durable

LED bulbs are much more durable as there are no glass tubes or light bulbs to break so if you drop a LED spotlight or bump it or something probably, it will keep working because it is just a diode in there that really you know you can’t really break those very easily. Whereas a bulb you know you hit it on the wrong thing it’s going to shatter get stuff all over the place that really doesn’t happen with an LED they are very durable. Also for LEDs, they don’t become as hot because obviously, they are using a lot less energy and also more of the energy is translated into light that we can see as opposed to infrared light which is more heat.

The fact that LED spotlights this generation are much more efficient than the previous generation and probably will continue to get more effective than that it really shows you that LED spotlights are basically the future

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